06 settembre 2011

Louboutin Lady Daf Snake Skin Pumps for Kim Kardashian!


Kim Kardashian loves her Christian Louboutin Lady Daf Snake Skin Pumps so much that she wears over and over again! 
But how to imitate her, without spending too much? Of course buying low cost proposals of Zara and Bershka! 

Kim Kardashian ama così tanto le sue Christian Louboutin Lady Daf Skin che le indossa più e più volte!
Ma come imitarla, senza spendere troppo? Di certo Comprando le proposte a basso costo di Zara e Beshka!
        ZARA Snakeskin Platform                      BERSHKA Peep Toe Snakeskin
                    89,95€                                                  49,99€
BERSHKA Snakeskin Platform

6 commenti:

  1. Che bello quel vestito verde!!!

  2. È un vestito dello stilista Antonio Berardi :)

  3. hi girls!!! thanks to all for your comments!! continue to follow me :)

  4. The ankle-snapping, vertigo-inducing Christian Louboutin collection superplatforms are back for yet another season of high-flying adventures, and with that brings a whole host of Louboutin’s signature kooky embellishments. Once one of his shoes has done a couple of tours of duty as a regular pump and the public still wants more, Louboutin generally uses his magic to spin the basic shape into increasingly ridiculous (and we mean that in a loving way) versions of its former self, sometimes ad infinitum.

    Thus, we bring you the Christian Louboutin Lady Daf 160mm black pumps , which are the kind of shoe that likely only the Kardashians will have an occasion to wear. (Maybe Scott and Kourtney will get married and have a Scottish-themed wedding, if only because it goes nicely with his name? Who knows.) They sure are fun to contemplate, though.